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Green Point Urban Park Cape Town

I have just completed my second walk around Green Point Park, which is situated right next to the new Cape Town Stadium.

One of the many types of simple exercise apparatus available for all to use

Natural grassland at the entrance to the park

This place is well worth a visit. Not only are there 3 well laid out paths to follow but there are also some well thought out themes.

As you enter the west gate near the light house, (entrance is free!) the area on the right is left as natural grass land with the grass at this time starting to go to seed. This area is home to small rodents and birds, who obviously enjoy feeding off the grass seed. On the left of this is an area with many simply exercise  machine suitable for the whole family.

Travel further along the path and you arrive at a building housing really spacious  public conveniences at one side, and a future restaurant or shop at the other.

Two children’s play areas are currently being completed, one for the younger folk and one for the older children, resplendent with very natural looking play equipment. The ground around the swings and climbing apparatus has been paved with a kind of cork silicone mixture in the interests of safety.

Older children's play ground

Soon to be completed children's play centre

In the centre of the park adjoining the golf course is wonderful stretch of water that brings back a bit of Cape Town history.  In the 1800s, there was a large lake covering a wide area which was eventually filled in for health and sanitary reasons. Around the rim of which are areas subdivided into: a biodiversity area, a natural food area, and a natural plant medicine area. Also on show is a area illustrating how nature is being destroyed by farming, housing and fires.

All the plants are very well marked and details of their uses are giving, very educational in a friendly and informative way.

I particularly liked the metal statues depicting various animals to be found naturally.

Metal tortoise

In the lake were Canada Geese and Coots both with very young chicks, they obviously feel safe in these surroundings as there are plenty of reeds for them to nest in.

Canada Goose and family in the very large pond

Walking further towards the City, one crosses the Stepping Stone Bridge. On the left hand side is a big metal water wheel which works when a pump is switched on by an electronic timer.

An auditorium with grass seating is situated at the top end of the park, complete with stage lighting. Presumably concerts will be arranged there, in a similar way to those held at Kirstenbosch.

The whole park has been very well planned and laid out and should become a valuable asset to the residents of Green Point and Cape Town.

An ideal place to come and relax in the sun or to jog around the many paths.

Security appears to be good, the park closes at 7pm and all the gates are locked so no vagrants will make their home there!

I hope the folk in Cape Town treasure their park and avoid any vandalism or littering.

Well done to Cape Town City Council making good use of some of the revenue they received from the Football World Cup.

More images from the park

Colour in the park

Colour In the park


Destruction of natural lands by farming


Well laid out signage

Beaded fish

Information by way of signage  

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Part of a tour: Waterford Estate Winery

I was booked for a wine lands tour yesterday, and in order to try somewhere different I took our passengers to Waterford Estate. What a fantastic vineyard. Sure the wine tasting is a little more expensive than most but you get real value for money.

Superb surroundings set in well-designed gardens; Tuscany styled tasting rooms where you sit at individual tables on the veranda and served by one of many assistants. Completely different from most vineyards.

To get to Waterford take the R44 from Somerset West to Stellenbosch opposite the Stellenbosch Golf club turn right down Blaauwklippen Road. You will find Waterford near the end of the road.

Soak in the scenery whilst sitting at one of the tables tasting wonderful wines and chocolates from Belgium. waterford

Waterford does not have a restaurant so we decided to drive on and have lunch at Dieu Donne in Franschhoek. Always a very nice place to eat one your favourite meals !

Dieu Donne

After lunch we drive up the Franschhoek Pass with its views over Franschoek. Passed Theewaterkloof Dam and across the modern bridge over the dam, which takes you towards Grabouw. theewaterskloof

However we turn left off the main road onto a dirt road that takes us passed rolling farmland and down Van Zyle’s Pass eventually arriving at Bot River and tarmac. From there we drive to Klienmond and along the coast passed Gordon’s Bay and home.

A very nice round trip to accomplish in one day.

Water feature at the entrance Waterford

Entrance to Waterford

Wine tasting Waterford

The gardens Waterford

Surrounding mountains Waterford

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