Yesterday ,which was a public holiday in South Africa, I joined a group of enthusiastic people and councillors on a clean up operation in the part of Kayalitsha known as C3,the original township serving Cape Town

Start of operation Clean up

Start of Operation Clean Up

There must have been at least a hundred people involved, although it did seem that the majority were women. At 9am we set off up the main street and people armed with black refuse bags and protected with latex gloves started their work.

From the start the reaction from the local residents, including the the numerous taxis plying their trade in the area.

Spaza (shop) sign

After 2 hours many black bags were filled, these were taken away by Cape Town municipality. I was invoved in taking the photographs for the product, but I must admit that it was a marvelous opertunaty to photograph the many “shops” in the area.

I fully believe that it is a perfect area to take tourist to see, a view shared by the local councillor for the area.

Safety is not a concern here we were generally welcomed with open arms, and providing you ask permission, which is only polite, nobody minds you taking photographs

I you really want to find out about the life in Kayalitsha get out and walk, with a guide, and talk to the residents.

Relaxing on a public hoilday Kahalitsha style

Relaxing on a public hoilday Kahalitsha style


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