Hiking Table Mountain 2

Yesterday proved to be a perfect Western Cape autumn day, plenty of sunshine and absolutely no wind. It was not surprising, that in the afternoon I grabbed my backpack and some orange juice and headed to the mountain.

To save time I went to the top via the cable car, I didn’t want to go completely mad and walk up via Platterklip Gorge.

Disembarking from, the cable car I tried to avoid the crowds and headed straight for the path that takes on to Mclears Beacon. As you cross the ravine at the top of Platterklip Gorge the crowds thin out.

Towards Kommetjie from the top of TMNP

It is a rare privilege to be blessed with a day when there is no wind on top of the Mountain. But I always maintain that April is one of the best months to visit Cape Town.

Towards Hout Bay

Walking past the dams Woodhead, Hely-Hutchinson (Wynberg’s answer to the lack of water supplies, )De Villiers (another effort by Wynberg Municipality) Victoria and Alexandra making up the five main dams on the top of the mountain. As is normal after a long dry summer Woodhead was completely dry Hely-Hutchinson very low and the others also dry.

The part of the route I was walking on now forms part of the Hoerikwaggo Hiking trail, a two night hike that crosses the length of the Table Mountain chain. My aim was not to go to Mclears Beacon but to strop off just before at a laklet which has no name, that I often visit in the spring when it is full of water. The laklet is well hidden from all the main paths laying behind thickets of Restios .

When I arrived there I was greeted by a bed of brown moss some 150 mm thick, what a place to camp if camping was allowed on the mountain. Laying on the moss relaxing it is probably more comfortable than the average mattress.

The lakelet at the end of winter full of water

The dry lake after summer

After some well earned refreshments I headed back the way I came, but as it was getting on for 5 o’clock there were no other walkers around, and hardly a sound other than a helicopter droning in the distance, high angle rescue teams out practising on the face of the Central Table.

As soon as i crossed Platterklip Gorge  I was back in amongst the crowds and tourists. However a very pleasant and worth while afternoon hike of approximately 2 hours and 8 kms.

Green Moss when the lake is full

Towards Muzenberg from the top of Table Mountain

The moss in the dry lake the most comfortable bed you can find!


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April 17, 2011 · 2:06 pm

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