Canned Lion Hunting Blow

This means that 24-month re-wilding period stipulated in the Threatened and Protected Species Regulations to prevent canned hunting cannot be enforced. Nearly all of the lions hunted in South Africa are raised in captivity. The NSPCA is opposed to the breeding of predators for hunting and has repeatedly made its position known in this regard.


The industry has grown significantly since 1997 when the issue first made international headlines. The lack of adequate legislation in this regard and the issuing of permits to legally allow for the keeping and breeding of lions has contributed the problem which now exists in this country. Lion breeders have claimed that the 24-month period is not financially viable. 

“The NSPCA is concerned about the welfare of more than 4, 000 lions currently kept in captivity,” said Brenda Santon, Manager of the NSPCA Wildlife Unit. “It has become the job of the NSPCA, a non-profit organisation, to police the welfare of these captive animals, as well as the spin offs from this trade which includes lion cub petting and walks with lions.”

In a similar vein, the Department of Environmental Affairs featured leg-hold traps and hunting with dogs in the Norms and Standards for Damage-Causing Animals, which were published for comment on Friday, the 3rd December 2010.


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