The Smitswinkel Tented Camp is the latest edition and the fourth tented camp/overnight facility available within

Table Mountain National Park (TMNP). The camp is set in the shadows of a weathered flowering gum plantation,

and is situated just off Plateau Road, about 300m from the entrance gate to the Cape of Good Hope.

All the tented camps were built with the concept of “touching-the-earth-lightly”. This means that previously

disturbed sites were selected for the location of these camps, and the design and materials ensure minimum

environmental impact during the construction of the camps. Labour intensive construction techniques were used to

create jobs and black economic empowered SMME’s were sourced to build these camps. Each of the tented

camps can sleep up to 12 people sharing, and are provided with communal kitchen and bathroom facilities. The

new Smitswinkel Tented Camp is the exception, where each unit has its own kitchenette and en-suite. All units

have self-catering facilities.

Smitswinkel Tented Camp

The opening of the Smitswinkel Tented Camp coincides with a new strategy of Table Mountain National Park,

which is to open the tented camps to a wider target audience and not only to hikers. In the past because the tented

camps were directly linked to the Hoerikwaggo Trail only hikers could book the tented camps. Now, the camps are

available to all nature lovers; including families and friends, hikers, cyclists, trail runners, or surfers to their

favourite surfing spots at Slangkop, Kommetjie or Misty Cliffs. Without having to hike the Hoerikwaggo Trail, family

and friends can spend time at any of the camps, select more localized short walks and enjoy the beautiful natural

surroundings that the Table Mountain National Park provides. The tented camps vary from offering an Afromontane

Forest at Orangekloof Tented Camp, to a Lighthouse and Marine theme with whales in the background at the

Slangkop Tented Camp in Kommetjie. With the new strategy also came a revision of the pricing system which has

seen a decrease in price of the product. Prices per person range from R200,00 to R250,00 per night.

All the tented camps are built on the Hoerikwaggo Trail. This famous trail ― following the entire spine of the

peninsula mountain chain ― is 97km in length; from Cape Town to Cape Point or vice versa. The Khoisan term

“Hoerikwaggo” means “mountains in the sea”.

Department of Economic Development and Tourism



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