Walking On the top of Table Mountain

A few months ago whilst walking to Maclears Beacon I can across a small fresh water vlei (a small dam) just before the plateau leading up to the Beacon.The Vlei in April only half Full

The water in the vlei although stained by tannin is crystal clear with no weeds but lots of algae on the bottom.

There is a small path leading to the vlei  that appears not to have been well used.

When I returned to the same spot during the summer the vlei had dried out, leaving only  sand type bottom covered with dry red algae.

There were now frogs or vertebra that I could see. Although the dam was surrounded by restos ( the course grass that is used by thatchers)

However as Autumn approaches and we have had some rain when I returned yesterday the vlei it has been partly filled with water and it will soon be back to it’s best.

It is truly a beautiful place and well worth a visit if you intend going to Maclears Beacon

Obviously the best time to visit the area is after good rains as it is not perennial.

As the vlei is not shown on any map of the area you can be assured that it is not over run by tourists.


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