Paternoster Revisited

I have just spent the long weekend at Paternoster. Part of it at a wedding actually.

Main Beach at Paternoster

What a lovely place to spend a relaxing weekend. It appears as if most of the fisherman’s cottages have been replaced by modern holiday homes, albeit built in the traditional West Coast Style and suitable whitewashed.

Many restaurants have sprung up all over the village but the magnificent seafood especially crawfish are abundant.

We stay in a self-catering cottage to the east of Paternoster on row of cottages away from the beach. A really lovely beach it is too.

The Paternoster Hotel has not changed much in years with the same people watching the rugby on the big screen in the Panty Bar. The bar is an experience in itself!

Jane and I had a very nice midmorning cuppa in the local teashop and had time to visit the Art Gallery.

A white washed corrugated iron fisherman's cottage now a holiday home

Typical holiday cottage for rental

The local shop looked like it had come out of the 50’s and looked a bit like Ou Sam se Winkle in Stellenbosch but it makes for interesting browsing. I love the old metal advertising signs on the wall outside.

If you are into photography then you cannot miss the fishing boats on the beach! Take a few images and you will end up with a winning colour picture.

Colourful fishing boats on the beach

Colour photos made easy

Paternoster is only a 2-hour drive from Cape Town, so you have no excuse to go there; and when you do have a crawfish and Seaford braai!


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