Be careful of the passenger loads on a fourteen seater Quantum

A bit of a war of words has broken out around the legal loading of a Toyota Quantum

Toyota provides either 10 or 14 seater Quantums. However it appears the GVM (gross vehicle mass) as stated by Toyota is marginally light. The result of this is that any additional weight of extra equipment loaded on the Quantum such as a tow bar or fridge will be deducted from the allowance of the vehicles weight. This includes passengers, driver, fuel etc.

It should be noted that the regulations allow an average weight of a passenger be considered 68 Kgs!

The result of all these byelaws is that a Quantum was stopped at the weigh-bridge at Rawsonville on its way, with 10 passengers, to Aqulia and was found to be 200 kgs over weight! The passengers had very little luggage as they were on a day trip.

The passengers had to wait for four hours at the weighbridge until a second Quantum could be arranged.

Worse could be in store if the country finally introduce the de-merit system of licensing.

In this case both the vehicle and the driver would have points deducted.

Cape Town Metro Police have stated that they will still be operating under the number of passengers rule and not the weight rule. The provincial traffic police however have stated that they are sticking with the weight rule.

If you are a passenger on one of theses trips please ask for advice from your tour operator before embarking on a tour.


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