Flower time


I’ve never seen it like this before. Long queues of cars are piled outside the gates to the West Coast National Park.

It’s sunny today and the flowers are out – earlier than usual. People keep arriving, some riding bikes; others on foot; but mostly people are in their cars – enjoying the drive.

The wait in the queue is soon forgotten as I snake my way into the Postberg/Tsaarsbank region. There must be more than 20 varieties of common bushes in variegated greens.

Conspicuous amongst the greens are flowers in shades of fire orange; mustard and canary yellow; lilac purple and snow-white – even whiter than the sand dunes.

Further along at Tsaarsbank people are enjoying the long weekend – many sitting comfortably in camping chairs while others stand around the picnic-site and braai.

I cast my eyes amongst the scene of happy people. They’ve come prepared for the sunny weather and sit under umbrellas while youngsters play among the rocks.

Later during the day on the way home I realise I have spent over four hours in the park – it’s easy to lose track of time in a place where  there’s so much to see.

Remember Postberg Flower Reserve is only open for two months of the year – August and September – so make sure you get there in time to see the beautiful flowers. Also  check the weather before you leave – you won’t see flowers on overcast and rainy days. If the weather is good – bring your swimming costume and sun cream. There’s also a refreshment store and snacks available on route to Tsaarsbank and Postberg.


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