Although I am a South African Tourist Guide an must of course must support my country and notably Cape Town, which is one of the best cities in the world. I recently visited Slovenia on the occasion of my granddaughter’s first birthday and it reminded me what a wonderful country Slovenia is. A typical saying “dynamite comes in small packages.”

Tucked in between Croatia, Northern Italy, Austria, and Hungery it has an area of about the size of wales with a coastline of only 47 kms.

However it is lapped by a turquoise sea, snow-capped Alpine Mountains rising more than 2,500m. The food is fantastic and the people are super friendly.

It is a country of adventure sports bar none, history, and fantastic scenery. And most of the people speak English.

Winter sports in  the winter, a Sloven currently holds the world ski jump record. Warm summers up to 30 Degs C  with swimming in the beautiful Lake Bled, surrounde by snow capped mountains or Lake Bohinj in the heart of the wild Triglav National park.

Large numbers  of historical sites worth visiting abound.

Nightlife especially in the Capital Ljubljana is vibrant.

If any South Africans are thinking of going to Slovenia on holiday you are more than welcome to contact me


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