Cape Town Aerials

Magnificent Cape Town

I am fortunate to be taking the progress of the construction of the new Portside Towers Building on the foreshore.

I have to take bimonthly progress photo and bimonthly aerial photographs taken by helicopter. The helicopter takes off from Cape Town international and that gives me a chance to photograph different parts of the City before getting down to work. Here is a small sample of the collection I am building up for a possible Future book? I would like to add that the building that Murray & Roberts are undertaking is progressing a spectacular pace and changes on a daily. To start off lets see where the new office block is being constructed. Taking off from the airport we fly over Kayalitsha with its RDP houses and shacks The shacks are built on any piece of vacant ground right up to the N2 motorway.

Crowded shacks next to the N2 motorway

A school drifts pass us below then a green mosque.

New school

Green Mosque

As we approach the harbour we fly past the yacht club with all the yachts safely moored. Then a container vessel waiting to be loaded.

Container cranes on the wharf

A series on container cranes on the wharf. Near the dock multi coloured contain make surprising patterns from the air .

Colourful cotainers

On our return trip we pass the Cape Town Observatory.

Cape Town Observatory

Then  old power station which makes a fascinating image.

The old power station

Factories and a car storage depot also come into view

New Cars

Our stead for these images THANKS TO THE STAFF AT CIVAIR

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